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Mission Statement

We handcraft boutique effects pedals for guitar and bass players that inspire musical artistry and creative innovation.

Standards of Excellence

We strive for perfection in every detail of our work.  We are deeply commited to supporting our customers in creating innovative music and sounds.  We are here to provide our customers with effects pedals that outperform all other equipment they have used and allow them to experience their tone at its fullest potential.  We design and handcraft our pedals, one-at-a-time, in Northern California.  We source all of our materials in the USA whenever possible, often teaming with innovative manufacturers to designed custom hardware and components to ensure exceptional quality and sound.

Our Team

Ford Thurston

pedal peddler,


Hunter Harrison

strategic accounts,
product development


Mason Marangella

Owner, ceo,
doctor of rigs


Mason Mejia

social media socialite,
customer service commando


Nico Sotomayor

capture of video,
lighting wizard


Viktor San Pedro

manipulator of
motion picture