Battery Power Supply

Battery Power Supply
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Want a power supply that gets best possible tone out of your pedals? What if the answer is 9V batteries?

Believe it or not, some of the most discerning “tone-conscious” guitarists like Eric Johnson, Scott Henderson, Michael Landau, and Josh Smith (to name a few), all prefer cheap “Dollar Store” variety 9V carbon batteries over a DC power supply because of the sag and “amp-like” quality they impart on overdrive, distortion, fuzz, and wah pedals.

The Battery Power Supply is designed for such “tone-purists” to use in tandem with a primary power supply for high current/voltage pedals (like a Voodoo Lab Pedal Power), while the Battery Power Supply provides optimized 9V power to your favorite overdrive, distortion, fuzz, and/or wah pedals.

Never again change a battery inside your pedals or disconnect an input jack to preserve battery life. The Battery Power Supply has a dedicated 9V input feed, accepting any external 9V power source that will only “ACTIVATE” the batteries when the input feed is receiving power, and “DISABLE” the batteries when power is disconnected. Plus, a battery can be changed in seconds by turning the single thumbscrew and removing the steel top of the Battery Power Supply.

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7 Reviews (5 stars) —
Fast delivery and great product. Meanwhile my second Battery-Box, which has become indispensable for me. Overdrives and distortions sound better with batteries.
Dean Clements
Just what the Doctor ordered! The Vertex Effects Battery Power Supply is the ideal/perfect solution for those pesky little pedals that just insist on good'ole 9 Volt DC Battery Juice in order to sound right! Very well made, solid little box that is so simple to operate....I have been dreaming about such a device as this! Now go out and getcha one, or do like I did and order one direct from Vertex Effects Inc.