Everything But the Kitchen Sink Pedalboard



Here is a pedalboard that I did for one of our fine men serving the United States Military overseas.

The client wanted a pedalboard that incorporated all of the pedals that he had been collecting over the years and make everything useable together once he returns to the United States when his service is complete (any day now apparently).

It's got some pretty cool and hard to get pedals on it (KOT, Sun Lion, Aqua Vibe, etc.). It's got some great boutique gear here, but DAMN - this MONSTER sounds awesome!!!


Passive Input for Fuzz, Input Buffer Insert (following Fuzz), Dual Output Buffers (for A/B or Stereo Out at the end of the chain), EXP pass-through to use the EXP function out of the Boomerang by plugging into the interface and keeping the pedal off-board.


2 x Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 2+ (not all of the taps are used on the second PS, it is modified internally to give more current to the Aqua Vibe - 300mA)


INTERFACE (passive input), FoxRox Octron 2, FoxRox Aqua Vibe, Analogman Sun Lion, MXR Script Phase 90 RI (modded by Analogman), INTERFACE (input buffer), RMC Picture Wah, Wampler Ego Compressor, TIM, Analogman KOT, Fulltone OCD, Xotic RC Booster, Analogman Mini Chorus, Strymon Flanger, Maxon AD-999 Analog Delay, Skreddy Echo, Diamond Tremolo, Dr. Scientist Radical Red Reverberator, Boomerang Loop Sampler (with EXP to the interface), Lehle Little Dual A/B/Y Switcher, INTERFACE (dual output buffers to amps)

Zoom in (real dimensions: 800 x 395)Image

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