Paul Nelson Pedalboard

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Paul Nelson Pedalboard


Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 2 Plus (x2)

MusicomLabs Power Supply (for MKIII + Audio Controller)


Input Buffer, Tuner Ouput (split from input buffer), Effects Insert (for Loop 1), Dual Output Buffer (for L and R output), Mono Mixer (buffered summing mixer for L and R outputs to be used in mono), Isolation Transformer (R output), Polarity Switch (for transformer)


Input Buffer (with tuner out to T.C. Polytune Mini), Strymon Mobius INPUT, Strymon Mobius SEND (pre/post):

MusicomLabs MK III+ IN (L1) Open, (L2) Diamond Compressor, (L3) JHS Modded EHX POG, (L4) Keeley Phaser

Xotic RC Booster (Post L4/Pre L5)

(L5) Skreddy Lunar Module, (L6) Rockbox Boiling Point, (L7) Paul C Timmy, (L8) Durham Sex Drive, MusicomLabs MK III+ OUT

Strymon Mobius RETURN (pre/post), Strymon Mobius OUT, Vertex Boost (w/Dunlop Volume X in EXP), Strymon Timeline (stereo), Strymon Flint (stereo), Output Buffers (stereo)

*Disaster Area DMC controls MIDI Changes in addition to program changes via the MusicomLabs

*Disaster Area SMP controls Tap Tempo on Mobius, Timeline, and Flint