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NEW PEDAL: Vertex Modded Plexitone


Many of us know the Carl Martin Plexitone for it's ability to turn a clean amp in to a Hot-Rodded JMP or Vintage Superlead as demonstrated by Pete Thorn and others. I always felt it did a pretty good job in creating realistic gain, presence, and feel for what it was intended, however the EQ always seemed to hold it back from being AMAZING. The unit suffered from a buzzy top end any time the tone knob above 50%, and too farty with the bass below 50%.

It seemed to be difficult to get it right with most amps (I could get close to what I wanted, but couldn't quite get there). The problem is that the tone knob wasn't very well EQed to predict the type of roll of necessary to re-create the Marshall sound. Additionally, it wasn't that practical for a pedalboard because it required AC power through a hardwired power cord.

The VERTEX PLEXITONE makes the following improvments:

- 3 tone controls for Treble, Middle, and Bass frequencies
(all very interactive with each other and the volume knob)

- EQ Shift to more accurately capture a Plexi, JMP, and early JCM era Marshall amplifiers
(the fizzy top end is gone, and a thicker more aggressive mid-range is present with more dynamics and sensitivity)

- Level reduction to make the pedal more amp-like and minimize the volume jump common in most overdrive/distortion pedals
(the pedal is adjusted to have less overall volume to more accurately simulate an amp, it also gives players the "sweet spot" slightly after unity gain)

- Removes the hardwired AC cord and adds a 9VDC jack
(the pedal with any Boss-style power supply and operates internally at +/-12V, same as the stock pedal)

- Adds independent LEDs to the DRIVE and HIGH GAIN channels to better indicate where the pedal is set
(improves the visability and makes the pedal more stage and gig friendly)

- Removes bleed and cross-talk present in the DRIVE section, adding a 3PDT switch for total bypass
(NO tonal degradation and NO noise or oscillation when the pedal is bypassed)

- Improved BOOST section
(improves the tonal qualities of the boost by giving it a more clear sound, NO EQ change, NO compression, just more volume without a change in tone)

PRICE: $200.00 (client provides the pedal to be modded)


Zoom in (real dimensions: 799 x 592)Image

Zoom in (real dimensions: 800 x 596)Image