Bob Gore Pedalboard



36" x 20"


Vertex Tri-Buffer (single input buffer, dual output buffer) with a polarity switch and isolation transformer on the right output for a stereo amplifier set-up, with ability to sum L and R outputs to MONO when using the A/B mode to select between two different amplifiers.

In A/B Mode (right footswitch on interface), both L and R are summed to MONO to either AMP A or AMP B.

In A+B Mode (left footswitch on interface) there is a dedicated L and R for a STEREO set up. This is different than a typical ABY switcher, in that it yields a true stereo set up when engaged instead of splitting the MONO signal to two amplifiers.

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Vertex Small Diameter Instrument Cable


Vertex Pancake, Straight, and Right Angle
Switchcraft 380


Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 2+
Voodoo Lab Pedal Power Digital
Vertex Custom Battery Pack (for Vertex Fuzz, PTD Fuzz, COT 50, Voodoo-1, and Ronno Bender)


Vertex Axis Wah, Vertex BC109 Fuzz, Manlay Sound Ronno Bender, PTD Custom Fuzz, Input Buffer/Splitter (to T.C. Electronics Polytune Mini), Wampler Ego Compressor, Lovepedal COT 50 Lil' China, Roger Mayer Voodoo-1, Maxon SD-9, Wampler Paisley Overdrive, Rockbox Boiling Point, Vemuram Jan Ray Boost, Tanabe Dumkudo, Vertex Stereo Volume Pedal, Retro-Sonic Chorus, Vertex Landau Stereo Chorus Modified SCH-1, Roger Mayer Voodoo Vibe, Strymon Timeline (stereo), Strymon Flint (stereo), Dual Output Buffers (for L and R or Amp A and Amp B)

*Footswitch is for Bludotone amplifier and is routed through the Interface

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