Scott Henderson Pedalboard


Here is a pedalboard I did for Scott Henderson.

Scott was looking to re-create a lighter and more efficient version of the pedalboard he had been using for the last few years.

The original pedalboard that Scott had lacked convenience. He needed to check his batteries daily to ensure that pedals would not die while on stage, and removing batteries from pedals required that pedals be removed from the pedalboard. He also needed to unplug the input from each pedal before and between performances so that the battery life would be extended. Additionally, Scott felt concerned about the positions of his pedals on the pedalboard platform, making them susceptible to damage (with jacks on the rear on the pedals often getting hit).

When Scott saw the Vertex Custom Battery Box that Michael Landau had (pictured below), he was inspired to incorporate something similar into his rig, allowing him to consolidate space between the pedals (no need to unplug the inputs to each pedal), and more easily replace batteries.



Zoom in (real dimensions: 1279 x 453)Image


Vertex Custom Battery Pack with ON/OFF switch on the exterior (houses five 9V batteries).

Zoom in (real dimensions: 800 x 717)Image


Mogami 2524


Switchcraft 228 and 380 1/4" connectors


- Additional 2.1mm power jacks were installed on the sides of the Maxon SD-9, Fulltone Octafuzz, and Arion Chorus to eliminate the possibility of a connector getting hit during a performance or in transit.

- The 1/4" jacks on the Fulltone Octafuzz were moved to the side of the enclosure so that there would be no possibility of the 1/4" connectors getting hit during a performance or in transit.

- The Arion SCH-1 was given a partial "Landau" modification, it doesn't have both voicings, and there were changes made to how the FET is utilized (with the switching) when the pedals is engaged.


(in front of amp)

RC Booster, Maxon SD-9, Fulltone Octafuzz, ZVEX Fuzz Factory, Vertex Modified Arion SCH-1,
Vertex Axis Wah (off the pedalboard - pictured below)

(effects loop)

E.W.S. Subtle Volume Control, Vertex Modified FV500L Volume Pedal (off the pedalboard - pictured below), Suhr Line Mixer (Boss SE-70 in the S/R of the mixer)

(other items)

Tech21 MIDI Mouse is used to switch programs on the Boss SE-70

Boss RC-2 Loop Station is not in the signal path. It is only used during sound-check to listen back through the PA.

Snark Headstock Tuner

Zoom in (real dimensions: 800 x 610)Image

Zoom in (real dimensions: 799 x 529)Image

Vertex Axis Wah
Zoom in (real dimensions: 800 x 531)Image

Vertex Modified FV-500L Volume Pedal
Zoom in (real dimensions: 600 x 799)Image

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