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Vertex Boost
Vertex Boost
Vertex Boost

Vertex Boost

Vertex Boost (Fiesta Red)
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Features include

  • Buffered Bypass
  • 100% Analog Circuitry
  • Total Control of Output Level via EXP
  • Up to +16dB of Available Clean Boost
  • Assembled in California

The Vertex Boost is expertly crafted to be a clean boost, buffer and volume pedal in one. The Boost is designed to leave your tone unchanged, while boosting the level of your signal. The Boost also features an ultra-linear buffer to condition your line with ZERO tonal coloration, even with dozens of pedals in your chain. Additionally, you have total volume control by connecting the Boost with any EXP or Volume Pedal and adjusting your volume as you would with a normal volume pedal. When the Boost is OFF, the EXP will function as a volume pedal (sweeping from silent to unity gain). When the Boost is ON, the EXP or Volume Pedal will control the boosted volume (sweeping from silent to wherever the Boost level knob is set). Since your guitar signal is isolated from the impedance of your chosen EXP or Volume Pedal, your tone remains open and full-range, and most importantly, it feels like you're plugged straight into your amp.

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Joe S
There are three things I like about this pedal: First is that when I go into a lead it not only raises the volume but it puts a slight clean/fat tone just to make it feel great under my fingers without changing the tone! Second it’s like having a True Bypass volume pedal so the volume pedal is out of the tone path like an expression pedal. I use the volume after my drive pedals. Third it’s a great buffer and makes my drive pedals sound even better! I didn’t think my sound could get any better but this took my tone to the next level! Buy it, you won’t regret it! :-)

Vertex Boost

Vertex Boost

in stock, ships within 1 business day
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