DIY Mono Dual Buffer + Audition Loop Pedalboard Interface |

DIY Mono Dual Buffer + Audition Loop Pedalboard Interface


DIY Mono Dual Buffer + Audition Loop Pedalboard Interface
The diagrams, templates, and materials listed correspond to this video (shown below), where I show all DIYers how to
build a Pedalboard Buffer Interface system just like the pros!  All of the info you'll need to design your own
customized buffer with options for mono, stereo, wet/dry, split mono, effects loops or 4 cable method, audition
loops, tuner outs, and more are all available as you scroll down the page.

The Mono Dual Buffer is ideal for any MONO pedalboard system running in front of an amplifier.
The Audition Loop provides an insert point for pedals to be used in specific locations of the FX
signal path.  Typically used for external volume pedals, wahs, or pedals that may be the "pedal du jour"
for a gig or session inserted before/after overdrives and time based pedals, but off the pedalboard.
Application Example #1, Block Diagram
normalized, no audition pedal connected to insert point
Application Example #2, Block Diagram
audition loop active, external pedal inserted into signal path
Drilling Template (Hammond 1590B Enclosure)
Download Diagram Here *Print at 100% Scale*
Wiring Diagram (shown from inside enclosure)
Bill of Materials:
1x Hammond 1590B Enclosure: 
2x Creation Audio Labs Buffer PCB (select 1 Meg Ohm, Nylon ISO Jack, Unity Gain): 
5x Neutrik NRJ6HF 1/4" TRS Jack(s): 
5x Neutrik NRJ 1/4" Nut(s): 
1x Switchcraft Tip Shunt 1/4" Jack(s): 
1x DC Power Jack: 
0x Keystone Hole Plugs: 
1x Hook Up Wire: