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Ultimate R&B Travel Rig // Isaiah Sharkey Pedalboard Build


In this episode, the Rig Doctor collaborates again with fellow rig builder, Brad of Best-Tronics to build a rig for R&B solo artist and sideman to the stars (John Mayer, D'Angelo), Isaiah Sharkey. Be sure to look at the table of contents below if you'd like to skip around to specific sections of the video, and be sure to see all the links below for all the pedals and materials used to build Sharkey's rig! SUBSCRIBE:
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//bulk materials used on this rig - sold by Best-Tronics//
Patch Cable, BTPA CA-0678 –
SquarePlugs SP400 1/4" Plugs –
SquarePlugs SPS4 1/4" Plugs –
TRS Cable BTPA CA-0363 –
R/A TRS connectors –
Short/Straight TRS 1/4" Plugs -
DC Power Cable, BTPA CA-0671 -
//pre-made cable assemblies - sold by Best-Tronics//
Right Angle Patch Cables -
Straight Patch Cables -
Right Angle to Straight Patch Cables -
Right Angle DC Power Cables -
Right Angle to Straight DC Power Cables -
Short Straight TRS Cables -
Short Straight to Right Angle TRS Cables -
//table of contents//
Intro - 00:01
Arrive at Best-Tronics - 01:00
Rig Layout - 01:40
What Does Sharkey Want Out of His Rig? - 03:30
Teaching Sharkey To Solder - 05:08
Power Supply Mounting/Bracket - 05:53
Power Completed - 06:30
Make-Shift Risers - 6:39
Pedalboard Complete - 06:53
Pedalboard Reveal - 07:40
Sound Check - 08:12
Sharkey's Thoughts on the New Rig - 11:36
Conclusion - 12:09
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//pedals on this rig (in this order) //
Xotic Wah
TC Polytune Mini
Vertex Tone Secret OD
J Rockett Archer
Nightshade OD
Bogner Harlow Comp
Vertex Steel String
Chase Bliss Warped Vinyl Chorus
Chase Bliss Tonal Recall Delay
Meris Mercury 7 Reverb
Mesa Boogie High-Wire (dual buffer) -
Suhr Buffer (output buffer only) -
//pedalboard tools//
Soldering Iron -
Solder (60/40) -
Solder Dispenser -
Octopus Arms -
Wire Strippers (30-20 AWG) -
Wire Strippers (20-10 AWG) -
Wire Snips -
Vise -
Heat Gun (embossing gun) -
Label Maker -
Label Maker Tape (black) -
Label Maker Tape (clear) -
Deoxit D5 Contact Cleaner -
Truetone Milliamp (mA) Reader -
Tone Brush -
Upholstery Crow Bar -
Multimeter -
Goo Gone -
//pedalboards, lifts, risers, bridges//
Pedalboard Surfaces -
Pedal Risers/Lifts/Bridges -
//dc power cables//
2.1mm DC Power Plugs (right angle) -
2.1mm DC Power Plugs (straight) -
Voodoo Lab Power Cable (bulk cable) -
//patch cables//
Mogami 2319 (bulk cable) -
SquarePlugs SP500 (pancake) -
SquarePlugs SPS5 (straight) -
//instrument cables// Mogami 2524 (bulk cable) -
Neutrik Straight 1/4" Plug (silent) - (*use on output only)
Neutrik Straight 1/4" Plug (normal) -
Neutrik R/A 1/4" Plug (silent) - (*use on output only)
Neutrik R/A 1/4" Plug (normal) -
//midi// MIDI Plugs (right angle)-
MIDI Plugs (straight) -
MIDI Cable (bulk) -
3M Dual Lock SJ3550 (for pedal) -
3M Dual Lock SJ3551 (for base) -
//cable management//
Zip Ties -
Tie Down Mounts -
//power supplies//
Truetone CS12 -
Truetone CS7 -
Truetone CS6 -