Open letter from Robben Ford regarding Vertex Effects |

Open letter from Robben Ford regarding Vertex Effects

After some time and a lot of thought, I've decided to publicly endorse a boost pedal designed by Mason Marangella for his company, Vertex Effects.

Many of you reading this know that Mason was exposed last year for having put his label on some cheap, Chinese-built, Wah-Wah pedals and sold them as his own design. This act came back to bite him severely, and most turned and distanced themselves as far as possible. Especially those of us who had endorsed him personally. Understandable.

I myself kept a distance. He called to apologize to me and posted an open letter online to apologize to everyone who might have been injured from his deceit. And, since then, he has been making good on his promise to refund, rebate, credit and/or exchange anyone who had purchased one of his fake pedals(not a small feat). Perhaps more importantly, he is addressing what turns out to be a problem akin to alcoholism in the same way an alcoholic might, with a twelve step program, as well as ongoing therapy and giving back to his community.

Many might just choose to hide after such a public humiliation, but I see Mason making every effort a man can make to clean up the past and make a new life for himself.

I use Mason's Boost pedal. It's the most important pedal on my board and it would feel a little hypocritical to me to use his pedal and, otherwise, put him down. Besides, as said, the guy is seriously trying.

Mason has of course offered me a royalty for my endorsement of the pedal. I will have that royalty paid directly to a charity and will profit not one dime from sales.

Everyone has told me not to do this. Why stick my neck out? It's a good question. I'm counting on human decency.

-Robben Ford