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T Drive

Lifetime warranty
30-DAY money back guarantee return policy

Features include

  • Designed alongside a "real deal" Trainwreck™ amplifier
  • Superior dynamics from chimey Vox cleans, to soaring Plexi dirt
  • Ultra sensitive pick attack and response
  • True Bypass
  • Assembled in California
  • 9-18VDC center-negative power operation (adapter not included)

The T Drive is a sonic recreation of the legendary Trainwreck™ Express amplifier. Rooted in the tradition of British amps from the 60's & 70’s, Trainwrecks™ are famous for their fast pick response and exceptional dynamics that range from chimey "Vox" style cleans, to a soaring "Plexi" overdrive. To most accurately recreate the harmonic complexity of the Trainwreck™ amps in a stompbox, we took painstaking measures to find a "real deal" Trainwreck™ Express to compare for sonic accuracy. Additionally, longtime Trainwreck™ owners were consulted for guidance, providing us with recordings and feedback on A/B comparisons between their Trainwreck™ amplifiers and our T Drive Prototype. Our quest to create the the most accurate "Wreck-in-a-box" has resulted in the T Drive: a pedal with dynamics, harmonic complexity, and "voice-like" overtones reminiscent of the amp it was inspired by.


Excelente, increíble audio! Es mi sonido"sweet spot" base en la gira #graciastotales, Soda Stereo 2020. No puedo más que recomendarlo! Excellent pedal, incredible audio. I use it like a "sweet spot" pedal, foundation of my sound in the #graciastotales tour, Soda Stereo 2020. Highly recommended. Thank you Vertex!
Richard Coleman
Excelente, increíble audio! Es mi sonido"sweet spot" base en la gira #graciastotales, Soda Stereo 2020. No puedo más que recomendarlo! Excellent pedal, incredible audio. I use it like a "sweet spot" pedal, foundation of my sound in the #graciastotales tour, Soda Stereo 2020. Highly recommended. Thank you Vertex!
Richard Coleman
What can I say, I purchassed this after I had bought the Ultraphonix and was so amazed that I had to buy the T-Drive to replicate that Trainwreck sound. Haven't regretted one bit since then. It makes my JTM45 to sing! I would recommend it to anybody.
Warren Jayawardene
There was a frequency in the upper mids that really stuck out on my amp. It kind of reminded me of a treble booster. Ibwould imagine that this pedal would be great on a over-driven amp. For some reason it did not agree with my amp. I really think this pedal could use an eq section. Love your pedals. I have the steel string and the dynamic distortion love em both.
Jay Knudson
Gran pedal. Responde muy bien al ataque y respeta el tono original del amplificador. Es mi cuarto pedal Vertex y no va a ser el último. Felicidades Mason, gran trabajo
Miguel Ángel Miguel Ángel
Definitely enjoying this pedal. A lot of drives want to be tube screamers and I don’t really bond where they have their mid bump. This pedal reminds me more of a Klon style circuit with a more dynamic eq variable that changes with your playing. Cleans up great.
James O'Brien
This is my third Vertex Pedal, and I'm very happy with the T-Drive B-Stock. Very cool overdrive, and very responsive to pick attack, and Guitar Knob adjustments. Awesome Pedal.
Brian Melsom
All things Vertex are excellent! I am happy with all the pedals. I only have one more to get and I will have them all! If that is not a sound endorsement, I don't what is.
David Slovak
The T Drive is the perfect addition to my Vertex collection . Perfect touch as soon as you plug in! Order it now.
Russell Scott Martin
Love the pedal
Dan Fritz
Bought a b stock of this model and this pedal rocks. Cleans up very nicely rolling the volume knob on guitar, all the guts you could want, and should make any amp sound amazing. Built well and easy to use. My second pedal from Vertex and hats off to Mason, Hunter and the whole Vertex family
Rex Keeler
A "wow" pedal right out of the box. With a Les Paul through a Blackface RI Twin, it is very inspiring. Great dynamics, touch sensitivity, push, and amp-like feel? Yep. Absolutely great for 70's tone. This is staying on my pedalboard and immediately goes into my top tier ODs.
Tom James
So wonderfully simple, but oddly versatile. Played into a Fargen Mighty plex head and Marshall 4 x 12 - with multiple guitars. Sounds great equally with humbuckers or single coils. Great note definition. This baby sings. It's a winner.
Rob Flewell
Vertex is producing some amazing stomp boxes. This is my second one and now it's going to change my pedal board completely. Pedal is very attack sensitive and guitar volume control can take you from a nice clean boost that is slightly overdriven to rolling the volume full in and it howling. Only tested through 65 Twin up to this review but will run it with a DC30 as well. Nice work again Mason and team. Big fan.
Jared Sapp
Terrific pedal. One of the best sounding overdrive/fuzz I have owned. I have A/B tested it against several other pedals in the same general tonal signature and it comes out on top. Definitely one I will use for years to come. Ver well built too.
Richard Lloyd
I’m really liking the TDrive with my rig! It’s a really nice compliment to the other pedals on my board while holding its own sound and character nicely. It has a nice chunk of mid range to help it bite and push through without sounding honky or muddy. I think this pedal will stay with me for a while! I’m mostly playing a Strat though a Port City, accompanied by a Fulldrive 2, BB Preamp, Vertex Modded Volume, Timefactor, Eterna, & Hall of Fame.
Justin Williamson
I tried this pedal at summer NAMM in Nashville and was super excited to get one when they came out. I have only had mine a few weeks now, but I really like it, and the versatility it has, going from a great boost pedal all the way up to scorching Marshall Plexi about to blow up "brown" sound, and everything in between. It is super touch sensitive and really reacts to how you pick. I tried it out with several guitars, using humbuckers and single coil pickups and found tones that I can use for all of those guitars. Great pedal.
Jay S
This is the most dynamic and touch sensitive overdrive pedal I have ever played.
This is a first impressions quick review. Received the pedal this morning and immediately spent a couple of hours playing it. I was struck by the dynamic response, fatness of the tone and how well it cleans up when fiddling with the volume of the guitar. Just coming out of first band practice where I got to push it a bit, and my first impressions have been confirmed and some more. The pedal always sounded fat, dynamic, and cut through nicely without having too much top-end or bottom-end - or lacking them as a matter of fact. I really thought that I would be missing a Tone knob, but I don't as the pedal seems to adapt well to the variations on my amp. Very impressed so far, so much so that I just ordered a Steel String Clean Drive.
Avi M
Great sonic range!. Solid pedal.
Robert L