Artist Showcase: Chase Bryant |

Artist Showcase: Chase Bryant


We caught up with Nashville-based singer/songwriter Chase Bryant on his tour to talk about his new pedalboard system built by Xact Tone Solutions, and discuss how he is using the Vertex Boost.

He mentions that the Vertex Boost "is one of the most groundbreaking inventions. It's the only pedal on the market to boost a clean amp to a proper solo level on a clean amp and not lose, nor gain a different tone. I use it for lead boost, and signature licks in the studio and live. Search all you want, but this is the only pedal that does its own thing. This is not a recreation or a wannabe pedal. It's the Vertex Boost.”

Inside the Pedalboard Rack System is:

Voodoo Lab GCX Audio Switcher, SHURE UR4D Dual Wireless Receiver, Lovepedal Amp Eleven, 2x Ibanez TS808 Tube Screamer, Ibanez TS10 Tube Screamer, Vertex Boost, MXR Carbon Copy, Way Huge Echo Puss, Way Huge Supa Puss, T.C. Electronic Hall of Fame Reverb, and Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 2 Plus

If you would like to hear the tones Chase is getting with his pedalboard, check out this live performance of his new single, Room to Breathe, at the Grand Ole Opry or head on over to his website to find a show near you!