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Vertex Boost MKI (gray)

Vertex Boost MKI (gray)
Vertex Boost MKI (gray)
Vertex Boost MKI (gray)
Vertex Boost MKI (gray)

Vertex Boost MKI (gray)

Lifetime warranty
30-DAY money back guarantee return policy

Features include

  • Buffered Bypass
  • 100% Analog Circuitry
  • Total Control of Output Level via EXP
  • Up to +16dB of Available Clean Boost
  • Assembled in California

The Vertex Boost is expertly crafted to be a clean boost, buffer and volume pedal in one. The Boost is designed to leave your tone unchanged, while boosting the level of your signal. The Boost also features an ultra-linear buffer to condition your line with ZERO tonal coloration, even with dozens of pedals in your chain. Additionally, you have total volume control by connecting the Boost with any EXP or Volume Pedal and adjusting your volume as you would with a normal volume pedal. When the Boost is OFF, the EXP will function as a volume pedal (sweeping from silent to unity gain). When the Boost is ON, the EXP or Volume Pedal will control the boosted volume (sweeping from silent to wherever the Boost level knob is set). Since your guitar signal is isolated from the impedance of your chosen EXP or Volume Pedal, your tone remains open and full-range, and most importantly, it feels like you're plugged straight into your amp.

There are three things I like about this pedal: First is that when I go into a lead it not only raises the volume but it puts a slight clean/fat tone just to make it feel great under my fingers without changing the tone! Second it’s like having a True Bypass volume pedal so the volume pedal is out of the tone path like an expression pedal. I use the volume after my drive pedals. Third it’s a great buffer and makes my drive pedals sound even better! I didn’t think my sound could get any better but this took my tone to the next level! Buy it, you won’t regret it! :-)
Joe S
There are three things I like about this pedal: First is that when I go into a lead it not only raises the volume but it puts a slight clean/fat tone just to make it feel great under my fingers without changing the tone! Second it’s like having a True Bypass volume pedal so the volume pedal is out of the tone path like an expression pedal. I use the volume after my drive pedals. Third it’s a great buffer and makes my drive pedals sound even better! I didn’t think my sound could get any better but this took my tone to the next level! Buy it, you won’t regret it! :-)
Joe S
Best clean boost on the market. The EXP input is genius - allows me to use a volume pedal without disrupting my chain. I highly recommend this pedal (as do countless guitar legends).
Jordan Cusner
Crazy happy with this. I've used a few different boost pedals before but this does exactly what it says. It's the sound of my amp, just pushed more. Especially awesome when I have to run at lower volumes. I would highly recommend to anyone.
Blake Kane
excelente pedal hace lo que tiene que hacer
luis alfredo suarez
Sweet adaptation to my rig . Keeps the clean clean and boost the signal.
David Guidry
Nice to have an effect do exactly what it claims - no colorization, no change in tone, just a boost of volume, when you want to step out in front. Plus the buffer does clean up the chain of pedals back to their original state... Nice job!!
Barney Doyle
I've been looking for and needing a boost like this for years. Dirty or clean patches this pedal nails it and gives that push up the hill when i need it! I'm very happy overall! Great job Mason and company! Thanks for everything.
Pat Woodward
Thank you for the very nice Vertex boost.It is doing good things With my lovely Guytron F/V 100.Its like lifting a curtain on the clean,and pushing without killing the tone on the overdrive channel.Very flexible with the volum option! Just ordered another one and a Steel String!! Thanks again
Finn Erik Breistrand
"Yeah, I've been looking for something to make my Dumble sound better..." Said. Nobody. Ever.
Bruce Coffman
I ordered your Vertex Boost pedal to work with my acoustic guitar when I needed just a bit of clean boost if our sound person wasnt providing the boost, and I've got to say, Wow and thanks. It's unbelievable how transparent and clean this boost is.
Tony Bell
Excellent boost pedal and an amazing buffer... it's far better that I was expected !!! I'm very happy, thanks Mason !!!
It's the only Gain changing device in my signal chain. It's just perfect for making things louder.
Austin Skinner
This is the first review I've ever written on line. I thought it important for those out there that might be having issue "searching" for the right tone that I "had". I saw a video on FB showing the Vertex Dynamic Distortion being played by a few very talented musicians and the word "Dynamic" got my attention. I had never heard of Vertex before, never heard of Mason....but knew I was not happy with my overdrive tones. I'm certainly no rock star but I have thousands of gigs under my belt and a passion for blues that won't stop even at my older age.. My band has opened for Atlanta Rhythm Section, Rick Springfield, Marshall Tucker Band and a few others so we have seen some really good gigs...I've been performing live for 40 years. 39 years of that time I've always been searching for a really good tone, and I just couldn't find it. My frustration just about caused me stop playing...just got freiken tired of it and the expense. I must have 20 pedals laying around that did not work like the videos and demos. Well that just changed last month. First thing I did was search for reviews of Vertex. No doubt Mason was getting his ass kicked on line due to past business deals that went south but what I did see was that he was doing everything in his power to make it right. That's what mattered to me. So I decided to order. I ordered the Vertex Dynamic Distortion and it arrived on time, trackable and without delay. I plugged it in, played a few riffs and said "yea" that sounds OK...In the past with ALL the pedals I have bought it was either YES or NO immediately. I took the DD to a gig that night and after a few songs I realized I was really on to something big. The ability to pick lightly and get a nice "clear tone" then dig in deep and get a smooth over driven tone was AWESOME. It WORKS FOR ME. Then I decided to try the Vertex BOOST since the Dynamic Distortion worked so well. AGAIN, clean RHYTHM and my clean LEAD suddenly sounded like I never heard it before. I went from 9 pedals on my pedal board to 3 - Vertex Boost/DD and delay. Reducing the amount of pedals I need helped my tone also even if they were all "True Bypass"....Bottom line, I'm excited again about playing....I HIGHLY recommend these pedals if any of what I've written here is part of your story. I play through custom hand wired GOODSELL Amps, 33 watt and 33/15 watt....mainly a 92' American Strat with Joe Barden pickups and I also play a PRS CE 24. I will be ordering the EXP Pedal shortly, that works with the BOOST.
Rog S.
As the lead guitarist for Life Center Worship - I'm always in search of the most beautiful, chimey clean tones as well as a VOLUME PEDAL THAT WON'T BREAK POTS OR STRINGS! The Vertex Boost has answered both dreams wonderfully. I am blown away by the consistency and clarity of the tone. No coloring to my signal and the volume taper with my Volume X EXP pot is PERFECT for my slide guitar riffs and swells. Great product! Thanks Mason!
Paul Brown
This is a great pedal! Near to zero coloration of the guitar original sound, is wonderful as a gain booster for driving an amp, a great tool for single coils pick ups, I love it with my Fender Custom Shop Masterbuilt '62 Strat. As a volume control with EXP, it solves all the problems of tone loss that a regular volume pedal has and the buffer is very transparent too. I think the Vertex Boost is a "must have" tool for any pedalboard
Marco Espinosa
I LOVE THE VERTEX BOOST PEDAL! This pedal does a great job at what it's suppose to do! I like it from my Guitar to the Boost Pedal (with volume pedal) and then into the Preamp. It definitely improves the sound....THIS PEDAL IS A WINNER!
Patrick Julian
Since I've ​got the Vertex Boost, I ​must say that ​it is just what you want and what you need in your system.​ It​ is the most​ ​transparent buffer I've ever tested!​ A little back story​: ​ I've discovered the Vertex company through another site in France. At this time I was looking for a good quality volume pedal. After I ordered​ one​ for me and some​ other musician​ friends, I decided ​to ​check the Vertex site​ directly to see all their equipment ​because I ​was looking for a good ​b​uffer. After I saw ​a video Robben Ford​ using the Boost, I said to myself​: ​1​) ​I know that ​t​hose Vertex volume and expression pedal ​were already good and well done. 2​) ​What a nice ​s​tomp​box​, almost three pedals in one​,​ with ​the boost isolating any volume or expression pedal and avoiding killing the sound ​like a normal volume pedal. 3) ​The ​direct ​price is very ​good, so lets try it​. I don't ​usually take a risk like this, but if Robben Ford ​endorses it, ​then ​why ​not? I had also the chance to talk to Vertex Support and they are very very nice and effective. As a electronical tech I can assure that ​t​he Vertex equipment are made by specialist​s​ that know what they doing for sure!
Francois Alba
First of all and most importantly, Mason's customer service is a cut above. My signal sounds 100% uncompromised with this boost in the chain. The buffer feels and sounds natural. The boost adds no color or EQ spikes. Best boost/buffer I've used by a long shot.
Seth James
This pedal is outstanding new technology honed in by Mason and his next level engineering skills- it's an actual "boost" and it doesn't mess with your original signal- guys who like a pure sound from guitar & amp will really dig it - just imagine your favorite vintage guitar and amp combination and how rad that already sounds- this takes that pure signal where just want the guitar amp and just gives you a little more - it's also great for ambient chords and swells to jump out with delays and verb or if your a cleaner style blues player it doesn't really get too dirty - it's more of a compressor boost to me - a true "clean boost" it's cool cause on zero dialed back your at unity gain it's like the pedal isn't on then you work it from there- you can get adjustable dynamics with it using a volume pedal via your foot to dial in the amount of boost!! It's a very rad pedal just go watch the Robben Ford video he explains it really well!! Thanks so much Mason super stoked on this pedal and also the dynamic distortion- looking forward to having you tweaking my volume pedal out of the tone suck it comes with stock.. Cheers Nick
Nick Maybury
I had been searching for a transparent boost pedal for a couple of years without success. Being a complete gear nerd, I came across the Robin Ford video of his Vertex BOOST pedal. Listening to Robben gush about the pedal intrigued me so I mentioned it to my band mate and fellow guitarist. Ironically, he had just purchased the pedal so I was able to hear it first hand at our next practice. I was completely blown away. The tone was unchanged with this BOOST. It was just louder. Louder without any shrill highs, muddy lows or annoying mid boosts. It had ZERO effect on the guitar tone. It is truly and completely transparent. I purchase the BOOST pedal the next day and it's been on my board for over a year. I'm in a working band playing 2-5 gigs per month. I keep it on at all times and control my volume with a pedal. I will not use another boost pedal, and I've just about tried them all. I cannot give a higher recommendation. If you're looking for a boost, this is the one.
Chris Marlowe
Pedal is incredible, three-in-one?! Incredibly clear clean boost and I love using it for volume w/ an expression pedal so I don't have to run my signal through one. And the buffer in it helps the signal flow immensely. Love it, have two of them!
Adam Hawley
Well let me say first that I ordered the BOOST pedal and it is everything I've heard it to be so I am extremely pleased with it. That's not the whole story though. I went out and ordered an expression pedal from another company (didn't know Vertex made them) which worked poorly to say the least. This led me to contacting Vertex for some guidance. What followed was the best example of one on one customer service possible. Mason got with me on their chat window and provided a level of personal service that was just above and beyond. Still not done, someone (I won't say who) accidentally hooked the wrong kind of power supply into the boost pedal, I sent it back and they repaired and had it back to me in under a week. I wound up having Vertex build me a volume /expression pedal to work with the boost pedal. I of course being Dr. Analog had no clue how to hook it all up and one again Vertex (Mason) was "Johnny-On-The Spot". Walked me through it all even left me a phone number to call him at in case I had issues. Class operation all the way I was so impressed I ordered the new OD pedal. Great job Vertex and Mason and again my thanks. -Lew Levy
Lew Levy
This is the best clean boost I have ever owned. And I have owned quite a few of them. And it will stay on my board.
Nelo Ramirez
I'm absolutely loving this pedal. Having the expression out to my volume is a great idea for preserving my tone. I'm using the Boost after all my gain stages and before the modulation pedals. Works so well.......thank you again for this pedal!
Cam MacInnes
I love the Boost. I don't really use pedals; but, I use it with my amps to punch things up a bit and it works great!
Ira Stanley
The Vertex Boost is one of the most versatile and musical sounding boost pedals I've come across. While the clean boost component of the pedal is it's most readily apparent feature, what I'm most attracted to is the buffer circuit it employs. The dynamic feel and response of the buffer not only sounds very pleasing to my ears, it also feels very natural under my fingers while playing. If you're using even just a few pedals, the Boost is a necessity.
Jeff Schroeder
It's really phenomenal. I absolutely love it. I used it on a studio session last week, and will be using it on another in just a few weeks. Alone or together with my Vemuram Jan Ray pedal, I get some of the best tones I've ever heard. The response is beautiful. I'm using it through one of Fender's newer reissue amps, the Silverface '68 Deluxe Reverb.
Ryan Meyer
I purchased the Boost and Volume pedals from Vertex along with the cable that accommodates them great stuff and Mason is a welcome pleasure to deal with thank you VE!
Brad Duds
The Boost is great! I have it connected to my Vertex Volume pedal via TRS EXP and it works great! I love the subtle sonic improvement in the tone it gives – I’m super excited about it – so I concur with Robben Ford.
David Garcia
Really enjoying the Vertex Boost! Noticed improved tone right away! I'm running the Boost in front of my distortions and really had to dial back the gain/dist on these pedals. Guess that's due to the buffer improving my signal flow. Also glad to be done with my crackling volume pedal! Thanks for making such a great product!
Mike Hines
Boost pedals these days are a dime a dozen, especially of the "one-knob" variety. But the Vertex Boost stands out amongst the pack as being the only boost pedal (in my opinion) that does what I've always felt a boost pedal should do. Instead of heaping amounts of gain you get high quality, studio grade clean gain. No added distortion or filters, just more of your tone! The added EXP control is one of those things that makes you say "why the hell didn't anyone do this before?". You will not only use this pedal, but it will become essential. I'm finding it hard to turn the thing tone seems to sound better with it on.
Sean Johnson
I absolutely LOVE the boost and VP. The boost goes on every rig I have....rehearsal, Jam night, Solo acoustic gigs, full band gigs. Essential part of every rig and I tout it to all my guitar player buddies and sound guys so don't be surprised by an influx of orders from SE Louisiana.
Josh Lyons
Wanted to wait until I've used the Boost for a while before weighing in... and I love it! Actually got to talk with Robben Ford a couple of weeks ago in Nashville and take a look at the work you did on his pedal board and talked about the Boost and his Dumbles. I'm running my Boost early in the chain and it stays on all the time. I love the difference it makes in the overall tone.. just makes everything sound better regardless of which amp I'm gigging with. I added a Morley expression pedal with it and that is a very smart and useful feature. Very, very pleased and would love to get one of your Steel String Clean pedals when one is available. Thanks so much!
Belton Caughman
Got my Boost last week and have it all hooked up now. Truly was a major improvement to my tone. Thanks for a great product!
Mike Hines
Just groovin' pretty hard on the Boost!!! It's absolutely THE most useful tool in my sonic arsenal! I'm sooo thrilled to finally achieve the presence and punch of going straight into the amp via the buffer (makes me wish I could go back on countless sessions and redo the tracks (including a recent project with Steven Tyler, although, we've two more trks to cut; the Boost will certainly make it's presence known :-). The boost effect is incredible in that when put in front of a regular, silicon based distortion unit, it's give the sound more body while not simply "fuzzing out" the effect more; it just "feels" better; thanx also for the advise on the fuzz aspect, it DOES actually improve the sound on my germanium based fuzz units when placed directly after them. As for the EXP, simply brilliant!!! No longer do I have to grimace and suffer whenever using a volume pedal!
Ricky Z.
Thanks Mason. I really like the boost, gives me the boost without changing my tone. Thanks again for all your help answering my questions prior to purchase.
Brent Naylor
The Boost sounds great. It will help me get that warm tone I desire.
Gill Vanderlip
I bought the Boost from Peach Gutiars here in UK.'s the best boot I have played by a long way!!!
Pete Finegan
I love the pedal! It does everything it's reputed to do: totally restores the brilliance lost with the chain of pedals.
Jay Cober
​I never thought my Strat could sound any better than direct into my 64 Super Reverb. That is until I hooked up the Vertex Boost! Amazing pedal!
Louis Cristantiello
This pedal is amazing! It's made very thing just sound better! Cuts through mix and sounds like you just more! I use this in every solo! Just too good! Go get one now!
Isaac Garcia
I ordered the Boost in September and love it! I use it with my Fender Deluxe and Princeton. Both sound great, clean tone with a boost! Thank you!
Joyce Larson
I've use your boost for many months and it’s a pleasure to compliment you about this intelligent invention. The idea of the expression pedal to control volume is simple but nobody thought of building such a tool.
Jean-Michel Kajdan
Killer pedal. Put it in front of your OD or behind it. You can also use it with a compressor for great results. I use it with my Blackface amps to give them more boost just a the point of breakup with out over driving the signal too much. Black face tone still stays crystal clear. My Princeton sounds and feels more like a cranked up super reverb. Love it. Thanks Mason and Vertex for your quality gear.
Bill Larson
I really like mine! It does everything that they claim. You can put it in front of your amp or in the effects loop. Great pedal! I give it 5 stars.
Leon Lanning
I got in contact with Mason before I started rebuilding my pedalboard and I gotta say, this guy is fantastic! Incredible support and fantastic products I use the Vertex boost which I can't say enough good things about, it's just incredible and does exactly what a Boost is supposed to!
Andreas Markusson
Best customer service I've ever experienced. I sent Mason some questions regarding volume/exp pedal things. Answerd me back within 2 min. Really helpful. AND I'm in Norway. time difference.. just saying.
Ole Andre Enggrav
Think of it this way. What do you feed your tone? If you want to feed it nutrition to work at it's optimum quality then buy this boost pedal. If your tone was an athlete this is the fountain of youth or lightning in a bottle.
Evan Michael
I've used many boost pedals over the years and the Vertex is the best that I've heard. As soon as I put it in with the rest of my pedals, I noticed a difference immediately. All of my high end that was lost from running 10-12 pedals was back. Crisp, clean, chime, it was all there again. That's before I even turned the pedal on! Once I turned it on (at about 10' o'clock) It just made everything sound fuller. I plugged straight into my Two Rock Classic Reverb, played a few chords, then I plugged into my pedalboard with all my pedals and played the same chords. It sounded the same. No change in tone! Thanks Mason! This is an amazing pedal. Love it!
Nate Nicholson
I bought The boost last month and I had few gigs with it. I usually use Fender Princeton for my gigs. Its a small amp and usually not enough volume in full band. But Vertex Boost solves that environment and it makes sound louder without changing the tone. I'm pretty satisfied about Vertex Boost for clean and driven tone. Also out put for volume pedal is very useful. I love the design too. its light weight. Highly recommend.
Ryosuke Otsuki
Thanks so much for your immediate follow up with my questions about the interaction of the Vertex Boost and expression pedal. Getting you and and my tech together over the phone right away was a huge help! Your customer support is the best ! Thanks again Mason! Aloha from Maui!
Bob Bangerter
Best boost/tool ever. I use it for all 3 functions....buffer. volume pedal. Boost. It does all of these perfectly. Amazing product and a value considering the 3 functions.
Daniel Zimmerman
The pedal looks good and sounds great! Mason answered all my questions and genuinely seemed to care. Thanks Mason!
Michael Ciranni
Had an excellent service with Mason Marangella! Thank's !
Nick Tremblay
The communication from Vertex was excellent.... The product was exactly what I wanted and very good quality.
Roger Chamberlain
I have a VERTEX BOOST and a VERTEX VP and the combination is killing ! Zero tonal coloration even if I have quite a lot of pedals before the AMP, still zero tonal coloration - If I need to boost up just volume for the solo - BOOST IS ON, If I want to play dynamically - blues solos, rythm comping, intros and so on - the solution is VERTEX VP. Everything is just great !
Tomáš Frolík
Vertex Effects makes some of the best sounding effects I've ever heard. Ever since switching out my old effects for Vertex products, I absolutely LOVE my tone, it's almost like my tone became 3D with surround sound. It just came alive. Band members, audience members, even my Mom said that my tone sounds GREAT ever since I made the switch. I'm currently using the Vertex guitar cables (as well their patch cables) and 4 Vertex Effects pedals on my board and I couldn't be happier. Mason is one the nicest and most generous people you will ever meet. He is great at what he does and has a wealth of Tone knowledge. Also the new Vertex Boost is off the HOOK!!! Coupled with the Vertex Expression pedal it is the best thing to happen to electric guitar since...well effects pedals. If your serious about tone... you NEED to get some Vertex Effects Pedals in your life today!
Nick Montes
I love Vertex and it was a pleasure working with Mason!!!
Jai Uttal
The best money I have spent in a while. Well worth what they are asking . Does what they promise !
Rick Praytor
Mason has gone out of his way to help me on my endless tone quest, and he's a super nice guy. I love my Vertex Boost and what I can do with it.
Ted Andrews
Simply the most useful pedal in my arsenal!! Doesn't change my tone. Just makes it louder. Does wonders for pushing the front end of a tube amp!! Excellent product from Vertex!!
John Carroll
Mason not only makes a great product. He backs it up with the best customer service you'll find anywhere. Awesome to deal with in every way, and super helpful. Pro!
Chris Malley
Mason was so generous with his time and expertise. The Boost is incomparable. Works entirely as advertised. Worth the price for the buffer alone. Don't hesitate to deal with Mason and Vertex!
Alex Brumel
I have two boosts, two volume expression pedals, a chorus and a whole bunch of pedalboard plugs and cables. They are clearly the best I've ever heard. Vertex is great. I'm interested in checking out anything they come out with.
Bill Wilkie
The Vertex Boost is hands down the most natural sounding boost pedal I've ever used. I've never encountered a pedal that made my sound not only louder but, "bigger". The Boost does just that! The amp AND guitar seem to become more dynamic when the Boost is engaged. Thanks, Vertex!
Corey Congilio
I'm very impressed with this pedal. It completely solved my volume pedal issues-pots going bad and strings or springs breaking. Integrates with just about any expression or volume pedal with ease! It's also got one of the purist sounding buffers I've heard in a long time and as a boost pedal it just works great! It's on my tour board with Carrie Underwood. It's killer!
Shawn Tubbs
Mason is an outstanding example to other pedal builders. Besides making his boost the best boost I have ever used, he makes all of his customers feel like family. He emailed me after my order to thank me, and then called me to thank me again. Never have I received more personalized service from a builder. I'll always give Mason and Vertex Effects my business!
Ben Cachat
I can wholeheartedly recommend the Vertex Boost. It is so transparent, I even use one on my acoustic board. It doesn't mess with your sound at all. On my electric guitar board, I love the sound of the Jan Ray and the Vertex Boost is the only one that gives me more of that without changing the sound one bit. I can't gig without the Boost on my board now. I also use their chorus pedal, that is an amazing piece of kit too.
Steve Burroughs
I love the Vertex Boost!! I have used other boost pedals in the past, but this is the best one for me. It boosts the clean sound exactly the way I like it and also makes my overdrive pedals sound even better. Everything feels great with this pedal. Mason thanks very much for making a very useful and great sounding pedal!!
Danny Hoefer
The Boost pedal was my introduction to Vertex Effects, and I am 100% pleased with it. I run through a large pedalboard often, and until adding the Boost to the front of my signal chain, I didn't realize just how much of my signal was being lost in translation. The buffer allows my tone to stay beastly and the Boost is perfect for when I switch basses with largely different outputs. I highly recommend it! I almost forgot, the swell function is excellent as well.
Nathan Navarro
I no longer wonder why the BEST use Mason products now that I joined the Vertex family and all I can say is that the quality is amazing but more importantly the sound quality. I can't even begin to describe how my overall sound improved. All I can say is that these products passed the test of a USA, Canada and Latin America Tour of 50 plus dates and still counting. Also the best customer/support services I have experienced in a while.
Pa Po
I've personally owned the Vertex boost, about 2 years before it became the actual Vertex Boost. I use it last in my signal and as my clean boost. I don't have much to say really, except for that it compleatly eliminates the signal loss from that last cable from my board to my amp and the boost sounds compleatly transparent too. So in there words, THIS boost does exactly what it says it does, and it does it a good as I can imagine a boost/buffer is suppose to work. I wouldn't hesitate purchasing this boost again and I think Mason did a FANTASTIC job on this one, AND it looks killer too. Pick one up. It certainly has my recommendation, for what's that's worth.
Jacob Wolff
After hearing and seeing some of the endorsements of the Vertex Boost it caught my attention. I have been on a hunt for some time now of a clean boost for certain dynamic spots within songs that others just have not delivered on. So I pulled the trigger and purchased The Vertex Boost from Vertex direct. I could not be happier!!!! Finally, a clean boost that is 100% transparent. Others have boasted their products were totally transparent, but not to me. Mason has produced a boost that not only is as transparent as possible, but brings life back to my pedal board. With the expression port it gives me total control of my boost and tone like never before. The Vertex Boost is here to stay on my board!!!! Looking forward to other innovations that Mason will produce! Great job Mason!
Michael Stefanka
This boost pedal is a game changer!!!! I have used many boost pedals in my career as a guitarist and had the opportunity to review a lot of boosts while managing a guitar store. This boost is the absolute best boost I've come across and in my opinion its the only boost that doesn't alter the character of my gain or tone. I use this pedal highlighting its VP expression feature after my overdrives and before my time based effects. Im blown away at how there is no major tonal changes throughout the sweep of my Volume Pedal. Also this is the first boost pedal I've ever happily ran after gain pedals. Most of them add too much high end or create a woofy low end but this pedal doesn't. Vertex has been very helpful in solving some age old problems with my pedalboard rig and I recommend Vertex to everybody who is seeking a better sound!!!!!!
Benjamin Forehand
What can I say about Vertex Effects... Everything!!! There's no other person that I know of that has gone out of their way such as Mason Marangella to ensure the highest standards are met. His skills to put together a board are just outstanding. He puts a TON of time and effort into what he does and the end result is nothing but an absolute perfect looking board. His products are also outstanding. I made sure the Vertex Boost was a piece on the board and I'm happy I went with it. The boost has so much clarity. It is the only boost I will ever use. How about consulting? Mason really took the time to find out what I want and what i am doing as a musician. He also provides a lot of insight and suggestions to make sure you are happy with what you will get.... Name a company that'll do that for you...If you want awesome products like a Boost or beyond-excellent craftsmanship when having a board built, then talk to Mason at Vertex.
Ric Mahackian
First off, let me say Mason has been the coolest so far with customer service...letting me try out pedals to see if they worked in my rig before I bought them...who does that?....Mason does...needless to say, they are all awesome and now my board is over half Vertex...My board is covered in boutique pedals, no name dropping but a bunch of them were well over $300 and I was never happy. Mason even guided me in tweaking internal pots on my current pedals to get the most juice out of them...I can't speak highly enough for Mason and the family at Vertex...If you don't have a Vertex label anywhere on your board you are missing the boat. You should look down and see Vertex everywhere...
Jon Pyle
I have been using the Vertex Boost for about 3 weeks now for various gigs. I'm really loving it. Works great before and after drive pedals. It's the best clean boost I have ever played through........ no coloration at all. From Benson cleans to boosting soaring lead tones...... the Vertex Boost delivers. Just your sound, only louder. Can't wait to check out some other products from Vertex. They are top notch. Steve Delach (The Billy Price Band)
Stephen Delach
Best clean boost I've ever had, add a little more dynamic to the sound but keeps 100% of the tone. Even with a fuzz or high gain pedals in front of it, it doesn't mess with my sound at all! Great job!
Steven Boel
I was facing several challenges with my rig. I run a total of about 45 feet of cable in my amp’s effects loop and the tone was noticeably dull even with a buffered effects loop. I also wanted a volume pedal placed in the loop so that changes in volume would not alter the level of distortion I had going. Finally, I wanted to be able to have a transparent foot-switchable volume control that I could use at will to lift solos and other focal parts over the band easily. The Vertex Boost solved all three of these challenges in a small and elegant package. The buffer revitalized the dull tone caused by all the capacitance build up from the length of cable in my effects loop and brought back the punch and clarity I had when I had the loop bypassed. The boost function kept the same sound I had but made it louder without emphasizing frequencies that would result in a tonal change. Lastly, I had total volume control, boosted or un-boosted, in the post distortion location I wanted without the need to run through a tone-sucking volume pedal. As a side note, I thought the Vertex Boost was going to be a larger pedal than it actually was. With the top jack placement, I found it didn’t take up any more space than a Phase 90-sized enclosure with side jacks. I also have a bunch of smaller pedals and find hitting the foot switches in a live environment challenging because they’re too close together. There isn’t another device on the market that accomplishes the 3 specific functions the Vertex Boost does - buffer, transparent boost, and complete volume control. Vertex knocked it out of the park on this one!
Boris Kabitzke
I'm a (formerly) gigging amateur guitarist who takes music quite seriously - I've played some $15 and $20 shows, but it isn't my occupation and I am by no means a touring pro. It wasn't cheap, but I don't regret it for a second and feel I got every cent of value back in Mason's work. His knowledge of guitar effects units is incredible. He was very attentive to what I was going for with my sound. This was very much appreciated. A big thanks to Mason for his work! I'm glad to have him in my guitar geek's corner.
David Taus
I've been a professional guitar player for the last 10 years and I've gone through TONS of different boost pedals. I've also been on a constant look out for a way to rid my signal chain of those pesky tone sucking volume pedals. The vertex boost not only conquers both problems, it perfects them. In my experience, using a tube amp at high volumes is what really makes or breaks a boost pedal. I want all those beautiful harmonics and quick transients to really speak and a high volume tube amp is like putting a microscope on your sound. Not only does the vertex boost shine at high volumes, its unbelievably transparent. I can't believe I'm saying it, but there really is ZERO change to my sound when using the boost. It's a truly remarkable pedal and it's now a staple of my board. Bravo, Mason!
Reese Richardson
Vertex Boost MKI (gray)

Vertex Boost MKI (gray)