Dynamic Distortion

Dynamic Distortion
The Dynamic Distortion is a sonic hybrid of the two most iconic distortion pedals in Rock 'n Roll history, the Germanium Fuzz of the 60's and the TS Overdrive of the 80's.



69 Reviews (5 stars) —
Bruce Mark
Unreal! Love the flexibility. Big, fat, meaty sound. Plays well with other pedals. Love it!
J. Peterford
I Love This Pedal! Strat, Tuner, Snarling Dogs Wah, Dynamic Distortion, Fat Boost, Deja Vibe, Mini Vent, Fender 64 Vibroverb Custom. Great sounding pedal without all the fuss. The Blues to Psychedelic, and I can even get my Strat to sound like live Clapton in Cream (Gibson through Marshall). Fat tone, unlike honky sounding run of the mill tube screamer circuits. Leave it on and use your guitar volume to clean it up. Solo notes just jump out of the amp and cut through the mix, doesn't get all muddied up like other fuzzes. If you like a big open natural sounding distortion into fuzz sound, buy this pedal! Great job Vertex