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Dynamic Dist. MKI

Dynamic Dist. MKI
Dynamic Dist. MKI
Dynamic Dist. MKI
Dynamic Dist. MKI

Dynamic Dist. MKI

Lifetime warranty
30-DAY money back guarantee return policy

Features include

  • Control Gain (from clean, to OD, to fuzz) with Guitar Volume Knob
  • Touch Sensitivity & Clean Up of Germanium Fuzz
  • Midrange Cut & Presence of TS-Style Overdrive
  • Buffer & Wah Friendly
  • True Bypass
  • Assembled in California
  • 9VDC center-negative power operation (adapter not included)

The Dynamic Distortion is a sonic hybrid of the two most iconic distortion pedals in Rock 'n Roll history, the Germanium Fuzz of the 60's and the TS Overdrive of the 80's. This legendary combo provides unmatched touch sensitivity and clean-up with your guitar volume knob from sparkley cleans, to overdrive, to fuzz, while providing the mid-range cut of a classic TS pedal and the full-bodied woolliness of a vintage Fuzz.  The Dynamic Distortion has all the advantages of combining the tonal DNA of these historic pedals (TS & Fuzz) with none of the drawbacks: use a buffer before or after the the pedal with ZERO compromise in sound, get classic Fuzz tones that always cuts through the mix (most fuzzes get lost in the mix), get the full sweep of your Wah pedal with Dynamic Distortion set for Fuzz (impossible with vintage fuzz), and get the perfect mid-range Overdrive tone with plenty of low-end fatness and note bloom.

The Dynamic Distortion is a sonic hybrid of the two most iconic distortion pedals in Rock 'n Roll history, the Germanium Fuzz of the 60's and the TS Overdrive of the 80's.

Dynamic distortion is simply the best pedal i’ve tried. It’s my definitely choice. That’s it
Enrico Bianchetti
Dynamic distortion is simply the best pedal i’ve tried. It’s my definitely choice. That’s it
Enrico Bianchetti
Man, this is the very BEST Sounding and MOST toneful Wah pedal I've ever heard or played. I've played them all. And I know the history. So. Let me ask you a question: If 1999 knights exemplar had died searching for or defending the holy grail, you're not interested in it? Please. The best. Period.
Wick Beavers
I have three (3) on my pedalboard!! One set to just over edge of breakup, one set to OD and one set to low distortion zone. And they STACK well too!!
jim S
I've been playing guitar for over 40 years, both pro and semi-pro. I currently play guitar for a living exclusively, specializing in cover material.. I have an embarrassingly extensive pedal collection. I originally purchased, and wrote a raving review for, the original Dynamic Distortion pedal. I now own 2 MKII pedals and have BOTH on my pedalboard. I was never happy with distortion pedals and I've tried practically everything. The DD's are "open" sounding without that nasal coloring that comes with most others and have such a wide range of OD/DST tones that if you cant find what you're looking for, you just don't like the tone you have and the pedals are not the issue. Without question, the MKII pedal has ended my quest for the tones in my head. They work equally well for low and high gain tones and the sweetest spots are in-between, covering a very wide "dynamic" range. They respond so well to instrument volume roll-offs that I live with a volume pedal in front of them for instant transitions. I run them behind 2 King Of Tone V4 pedals and am happy to say that my pedal quests are over. How many guitarists can say that? Sure there are other pedals on my board, but MKII's sit comfortably at the heart of my system. There is little that I can't cover accurately and inspirationally. Way to go Mason :)
james stewat
This is the best combination of fuzz and distortion I have used, and I used too many! Impeccable.
greg T.
Awesome Distortioooooonn!
Arif Budiman
My favorite pedal in my kit..stays on 100% of the time. Makes all my amps sound better.. Fender Super Reverb Fender Deluxe Reverb Fender 67 Blackface combo
Roger Shepheard
Love my new pedal. certainly a step above most , covers a very wide range, and doesn't muddy up at full gain
Claude Hill
The Dynamic Distortion definitely fits it’s description, part tube screamer-part fuzz, but it’s more than that. The midrange has something special, there is more volume on tap than you would ever need, and there is no loss in bass. It’s dead quiet, cleans up well and stacks great with my OD, Comp, and Uni-vibe pedals. Tons of tone from this box, my new favorite by far.
Quin Godwin
Top distortion, very good product. Professional!
Andrea D’Arcangelis
Disclaimer: I won this pedal from Vertex on their YouTube site. Let me say, this pedal absolutely sounds amazing. I'm playing a Musicman Cutlass into a Fender Custom Deluxe Reverb, and I'm in tone heaven. The pedal cuts through the mix especially well, and is perfect for my blues/rock tone. The Dynamic Distortion does have plenty of gain on tap, but I prefer it around 10 - 11 o'clock. It doesn't really sound fuzzy at all to me. I also like the fact that it gives that great lead tone on the neck pickup and still sounds fat with the bridge. This is my first Vertex pedal, but I will definitely be checking out his other offerings after this.
Rick Calhoun
I only tweaked the pedal a couple of times before taking it out for it's first gig and it sounded killer! It was an outdoors gig too in a very hot 40 degree Australian summer day so it survived the elements as well. Looking forward to getting more tones out of it!
Jason Rodi
I play at church worship team and this pedal change my tone and sound. Excellent and very versatile overdrive/distortion pedal. Next pedal ultraphonic pedal or boost!!
Kristian Nazareno
This is an absolutely great sounding pedal.The controls are simple but effective. It has become my number 1 overdrive/distortion pedal.
Rich MacGonigle
Unreal! Love the flexibility. Big, fat, meaty sound. Plays well with other pedals. Love it!
Bruce Mark
30 sec after I turned on this pedal I had an ********.
I Love This Pedal! Strat, Tuner, Snarling Dogs Wah, Dynamic Distortion, Fat Boost, Deja Vibe, Mini Vent, Fender 64 Vibroverb Custom. Great sounding pedal without all the fuss. The Blues to Psychedelic, and I can even get my Strat to sound like live Clapton in Cream (Gibson through Marshall). Fat tone, unlike honky sounding run of the mill tube screamer circuits. Leave it on and use your guitar volume to clean it up. Solo notes just jump out of the amp and cut through the mix, doesn't get all muddied up like other fuzzes. If you like a big open natural sounding distortion into fuzz sound, buy this pedal! Great job Vertex
J. Peterford
Excellent pedal, great sounding & very gig friendly. I have been impressed with all of vertex’s pedals.
Tim Oliviere
Awesome dialed a great tone in 2 minutes
Ron Grant
very cool pedal. really nice and focused midrange with a vocal quality. stands out in a mix easily, cleans up very well with the volume of the guitar which is very important to me. built like a tank and pedalboard friendly with the inputs and outputs on top. I'm really happy with this product.
The pedal is heavy. And thank god for tht. Just yesterday i was able to fend off a seething band of marauders using only the Dynamic Distortion and an oxygen free cable. I knew they were a band because they all had beards. Luckily, I was able to walk away with only a minor gait impediment. I was also excited to learn that it could also be used to corrupt a clean guitar signal delivering a fuzzy sound. Overall i am very happy with my purchase.
James DePrato
I am really digging my Dynamic Distortion pedal. There is a clarity there that doesn't change the tone but just enhances it and brings it out. Thank you guys for a great product!
So far this petal is awesome there's a lot of different sounds you can get out of it. Also I have a steel string after this petal and it is really cool to mix the two of them
Jeff Jollie
I recieved my pedal right before rehearsal, it sounds amazing. Works as advertised and them some! I was particularly happy with how quiet it is when not playing, super managable and gorgeous tones. Thanks to the Vertex team for making such an awesome machine
Barry Shumate
I picked up one of your Dynamic Distortions pedals and I must say its amazing, my guitar still sounds like my guitar, roll back volume, dynamics, outstanding pedal! Gonna have to try a few of your others!
Joseph Fradella
The Dynamic Distortion kills and is now the ONLY OD pedal on my board, replacing both a Fulltone and Ibanez tube screamer. Ones tone is a personal thing and this pedal is exactly what i was looking for. It cleans up nice, sounds great after a Wah, is still "dynamic" after a compressor... I can't say enough great things about this pedal. Watch the videos on Vertex' website. They're pretty true to the product. Thank you Vertex for helping me develop MY sound. K
keith randall
These pedals are amazing! The way they respond to pick attack is phenomenal. And the tone is litteraly out of this world!
Gregory Spear
Loved all those Hendrix video demos I saw using the Dynamic Distortion and decided to pull the trigger on a Dynamic Distortion to see if this was a viable replacement for my fuzz pedals and some of the additional drives pedals I use. To my ears, I can cop very convincing germanium fuzz tones, with all the dynamics and volume sensitivity one expects, without all the trappings of most germanium fuzzes (tone fluctuations due to temperature, positive center power cables, etc.). While my intention was to use the Dynamic Drive as a one-trick-pony for my needs, this pedal is anything but. I was very pleasantly surprised at the Plexi-like tones I got using lower gain settings and my Archer stacked amazingly for a little extra boost. I'm very happy with my purchase and Mason has been very responsive to my (many) inquiries. My current setup is a Fender Strat w/ Fralin Blues Specials > Korg Pitchblack Tuner, Xotic wah > Rockett Archer > Catalinbread Octapussy > Fulltone Mini Deja Vibe > Vertex Dynamic Distortion > Catalinbread Belle Epoch > TC Electronic Ditto > Fender Super Reverb Reissue
Derek Metz
I added this to my board and got to use it this weekend. Wow what an incredibly versatile pedal. I run Tuner>NoiseGate>Wah>vertex>H9>amp. I love being able to fine tune my sound using my volume control, and it makes it so easy to get a little grit on a moments notice, without having to really think about it when the mood strikes. I can't say enough. I also use a grid slammer, dumble overdrive, and a plexiTone for my heavier sounds, but I find myself using the Vertex DD more often than not as it sits great in my power trio's mix. You have my gratitude for the hard work. It's built like a tank, and functions like a swiss army knife.
Eric Taylor
I run it through a Fender Supersonic 60 on the Bassman Channel with my jazzmaster loaded with Porter P90's and it sound incredible. Very versatile. Love running the gain at 10o clock for rhythm and 2 o clock for lead sounds.
Ben John
I pulled off my first gig since incorporation of your Dynamic Distortion. Your stomp replaces a ProCo RAT2 pedal. You will notice my pedal chain: COMP>VOL>BOSS OD>ANALOGMAN KOT>DD>various spacial FX. Running all of my OD/DIST post volume pedal enables me to set rhythm tones for any song hands free, and provides infinite control over drive for any tune. I play in a cover band, so variety is an issue. I was ok with the RAT, but felt that it was muddy and over saturated. DD fixes that problem. It stacks beautifully with the other two stomps, and the gorgeous bottom end, with the clarity around 440z takes all the mud away, while the high end is biting without ice picking and has beautiful overtones and harmonics without unwanted compression. I’ll be needing another one for my backup pedalboard. I couldn’t happier with it.
James Stewart
As a performer and collector of all things guitar, I have a very well respected collection of overdrive pedals. The Dynamic Distortion was an immediate favorite and relieved three overdrive / fuzz pedals from active duty on my pedal board. The name Dynamic truly does describe how this pedal can sound fantastic regardless of amp or guitar choice with a simple twist of only 3 knobs or less! It is not a set and forget pedal if one desires variety.
Ricky Rodosta
Everyone gets a mulligan, Mason included...this stompbox is all that and then some. mine arrived fast, ran it thru my blues Jr, then my blues deluxe and last a peavey special 150 solid state. enhanced my tone on all amps. i own a Okko diablo gain plus, blues driver2, ts9... and none are like this box.
Clayton Buettner
I absolutely love my Vertex pedal! Using it with my Anderson Tele, Xotic SP Comp, & Vox AC15 to create a really musical sounding lead tone that growls like it should! Will be using that rig when I play with America on Dec 4th at the Birchmere.
Don Champman
This is the first review I've ever written on line. I thought it important for those out there that might be having issue "searching" for the right tone that I "had". I saw a video on FB showing the Vertex Dynamic Distortion being played by a few very talented musicians and the word "Dynamic" got my attention. I had never heard of Vertex before, never heard of Mason....but knew I was not happy with my overdrive tones. I'm certainly no rock star but I have thousands of gigs under my belt and a passion for blues that won't stop even at my older age.. My band has opened for Atlanta Rhythm Section, Rick Springfield, Marshall Tucker Band and a few others so we have seen some really good gigs...I've been performing live for 40 years. 39 years of that time I've always been searching for a really good tone, and I just couldn't find it. My frustration just about caused me stop playing...just got freiken tired of it and the expense. I must have 20 pedals laying around that did not work like the videos and demos. Well that just changed last month. First thing I did was search for reviews of Vertex. No doubt Mason was getting his ass kicked on line due to past business deals that went south but what I did see was that he was doing everything in his power to make it right. That's what mattered to me. So I decided to order. I ordered the Vertex Dynamic Distortion and it arrived on time, trackable and without delay. I plugged it in, played a few riffs and said "yea" that sounds OK...In the past with ALL the pedals I have bought it was either YES or NO immediately. I took the DD to a gig that night and after a few songs I realized I was really on to something big. The ability to pick lightly and get a nice "clear tone" then dig in deep and get a smooth over driven tone was AWESOME. It WORKS FOR ME. Then I decided to try the Vertex BOOST since the Dynamic Distortion worked so well. AGAIN, Bingo...my clean RHYTHM and my clean LEAD suddenly sounded like I never heard it before. I went from 9 pedals on my pedal board to 3 - Vertex Boost/DD and delay. Reducing the amount of pedals I need helped my tone also even if they were all "True Bypass"....Bottom line, I'm excited again about playing....I HIGHLY recommend these pedals if any of what I've written here is part of your story. I play through custom hand wired GOODSELL Amps, 33 watt and 33/15 watt....mainly a 92' American Strat with Joe Barden pickups and I also play a PRS CE 24. I will be ordering the EXP Pedal shortly, that works with the BOOST.
Rog S
Mason, thanks so much for this outstanding Dynamic Distortion. I went from using two drive pedals and a clean boost (running each drive individually, or, in tandem, with a clean boost after), to just the Dynamic Distortion with a boost after. Guitar vol at 6=a beautiful clean sound. Gtr vol at 6 with clean boost after=beautiful pushed clean solo tone. Gtr vol at 7 with boost=great mid-gain lead sound. Gtr vol on 9 or 10=a huge, articulate lead tone. It's VERY amp-like and super dynamic! Gtr vol at 9 or 10 with boost after...watch out! Thanks again Mason. It broomed my other drives off the board. They're simply not needed:)
I love this Dynamic Distortion. All the ways you describe it are evident. From the sound when the volume pot on my guitar is half way down and semi clean to full out overdrive. I'm loving the organic warmth. Thanks for this go to pedal!
Michael O'Neil
Just got the Dynamic Dist in and ran it through my Matchless Spitfire. I have all sorts of gain pedals and my Spitfire like this one the best. Love the setting with tone at zero but also love the sound I get with a strat when I increase the tone and drop the vol on my gtr...very brilliant sound but not strident....hard to describe...Check it out for yourself!
David Plagman
I have had this pedal about a month and have used it extensively. I have a large pedal collection and wasn't looking for another distortion pedal but was impressed by the sounds I heard on the videos. This pedal is everything as described. Touch sensitive like a Blackstone but warmer and more harmonically rich. This one is staying on the board!
John Butcher
The pedal is great. I use it with both a Les Paul and a Strat out of a brand new Magnatone Super 59 MK II 1x12 combo and the sound is awesome – fat, round, lots of sustain and warm, no metallic high end overtones (a problem I have noticed with the Fulltone OCD I have been using). Simply put, it killed. I also used it in conjunction with a Keely-modded Tube Screamer and that was also a great tone.
Shawn Ridley
The pedal is all that was described and more!! Grrrrreat sounds coming from the guitar. Only wish the player was a wee bit better. Makes me look and sound like I know how to play the blues!! Cheers!!
Rafal Szafran
I tried it out with my Fender Custom Shop 1963 Strat through my Fender 1964 Super Reverb. The DD cleans up well and plays very nicely with other overdrives and especially my Rockett Archer pedal! Great job and congrats on an excellent pedal!
Dexter Lum
This pedal is amazing. I use it on my clean channel of my Mesa Nomad and it sounds better than the gain channels. I can leave it on all the time and clean up the sound w the guitar volume. Isn't that what everyone wants?
John Hilliard
I'm sure you know that feeling...you stop playing that new pedal and walk away...then immediately go back and play some more! I've had a ton of pedals and the Dynamic Distortion is in the handful that get me that excited!
Kevin Fraser
I love the pedal. I’m basically a bedroom player, but it does exactly what I need. Gives me some good amp distortion tones without blowing the roof off the house. I use a 68 Custom Princeton Reverb and a Mojotone Champ clone, both actually break up nicely all by themselves, but even the Champ can get pretty loud. The Dynamic Distortion works nicely with both, particularly the Princeton that can now sound like a Plexi.
Richard Findley
The Dynamic Distortion is really wonderful. It's the missing link I was looking for. The touch and feel it give me is perfect.
Jonathan Brunelle
AWESOME!!! PEDAL, great Sound it's a really cool mod of the Maxon SD-9 more volume rage, tone and gain that make it works perfectly creating from a Classic OD to a Plexi tone and a 60's Fuzz really easy to use in all rock, blues or in a Fusion Style. i have so much fun with this Pedal Highly Recommended you won't be disappointed, Incredible Job from Vertex and Mason.
Sebastian Nigro
I've only had mine for about three weeks and I loooooove this pedal. Full on distortion is awesome sounding and then when you back off the volume the clean sound that comes out is amazing. I love playing my Strat clean and then upping the volume for a nice dirty gritty sound, just overall great sounding distortion box. This is a great addition to any arsenal of stomp boxes - a must have!!!! :-)
Herbie Manuputy
I've been playin for all my life! I can remember when I was a kid hearing Jimi for the first time and not knowing how he made his guitar sound like that! I was probably 9-10! I went to our local music store on my bike and asked mr. cagle if he knew! That's when I found out about a pedal for the first time! He ordered one and when it came in he let me use it for a week! That was almost 50 years ago and 100 or so pedals or so ago. This will be my last distortion pedal! I've never had a pedal so versatile and touch sensitive! It's unbelievable with my tele, 335, or strat! Sounds great in front of a twin stacked with my butler tube driver too! Add the boost pedal and you'll have the most touch sensitive, transparent tone making machine you'll ever need no matter what style you play! I live the Scofield, Carlton, and Ford tones I get easily! Very thankful to Vertex and the only other pedal I'll want; because I know it'll be cool too, is the steel string singer! I'll get one soon as they're available!! In closing I'll simply say, BUY THIS AND THE BOOST PEDAL! you'll be happy you did! Thanks Mason! Much peace, love, and happiness.......................seh
Steve Houk
Great piece.Does all and more than I expected.Well made,has made my neighbors hate me.Ps loose the little white light it blinds me when I look down at the pedal. Green would work.
Matthew Tarbell
What a great pedal! In my studio, the Dynamic Distortion has become a "first call" effect. It has a broad range of overdrive/distortion for everything you're looking for and need. Works fine with single coils or humbuckers. For extra fun, stack a Vertex Boost with the Dynamic Distortion! Highly recommend Vertex pedals for studio use, you won't be disappointed.
Doc Hoop
This pedal is exactly what Mason says it is - Tube Screamer and a Fuzz Face all in one with the ability to clean it up with the volume knob. I have been trying to get the fuzz tone forever and never have been able to without sacrificing all other effects. Finally a simple solution- plug into the Dynamic Distortion and forget about all the other pedals. And customer service from Mason is OUTSTANDING!! All questions answered within minutes and received the pedal the day I was told I would. I love it!!
Chris Scallon
If you're a player that needs to cover a lot of different types of tones, this pedal is your dream come true. Rolling back your guitar volume cleans things up nicely with a bit of grit the you open it up and the note bloom comes into play. The best distortion/overdrive pedal I've heard in a long time.
John Phillips
I am delighted to say that the Vertex Dynamic Distortion is a total success and actually went beyond my hopes. I was quickly able to get Clapton, Hendrix, and Stevie Ray Vaughan tone using the effect. What also got me excited was after a little adjustment and familiarity, I was able to get a really good and usable Robin Trower sound/tones. I played "Day of the Eagle", to "Rolling Stoned" and "Bridge of Sighs" and had that sustain and note swell dead on!!! Pick attack, volume control and the ability to feel the notes on execution are wonderful. It's great to be able to have this much additional control literally at my fingertips!! My guitars abilities are expanded greatly and with such a small amount of effort. Adjust the volume and feel the guitar respond to picking style. Really responds to soft or agressive picking styles, adding dynamics that just we're not there before. Thanks again sincerely, Mason. What a great product.
Kevin Wells
This pedal does exactly what it is advertised to do ! So many tonal and levels of clean to distortion all do to the touch sensitivity and level of your volume control on your guitar. I'm the guitar player with the 60's group " the Monkees" and have it on tour with me. It's perfect for the sounds from 60's fuzz to classic ts 808 smooth distortion. I used to bring my original 1979 ts 808 ,and a fuzz as well,now the vertex replaces them both! Great work ,Mason! - Wayne Avers
Wayne Avers
This is the pedal I've been looking for, for over thirty years. I've got a BOSS GT-6 guitar processor and it pretty much does everything but I can't dial in this tone. It sounds amazing. The only issues I have is the pedal is too light and has no rubber feet, it slides all over the floor even on carpet and the battery compartment is real tight. I took a rubber pad from an old pedal and glued in on the bottom. problem solved. You have a great product but I must tell you had I seen it in the store and picked it up I would have put it down and not even tried it out. For 200 dollars I was ready to return it, but I wanted to try it first and I have to say I was sold on the sound. Great product, just please add the rubber. Thanks
Marcus Jeffers
Awesome pedal! Works great with several different guitar/amp combos. It also played very nicely with other pedals. Total tone control with the volume knob on your guitar. It is now my second favorite pedal as nothing can top the Vertex Boost!
Josh Lyons
Week 4 .This pedal is almost never off plays well with other pedals and pretty much gives me exactly what I want 100% of the time through my two Fargen plexis no matter what guitar I'm playing just by rolling off the volume . If I were going to play with some unfamiliar back line amp this pedal would be my first choice . I have a lot of pedals and many decades of G.A.S and i really dig this Dynamic Distortion
Jeffrey Dillenbeck
This is the pedal I've been looking for, for over thirty years. I've got a BOSS GT-6 guitar processor and it pretty much does everything but I can't dial in this tone.It sounds amazing. The only issues I have is the pedal is too light and has no rubber feet, it slides all over the floor even on carpet and the battery compartment is real tight. I took a rubber pad from an old pedal and glued in on the bottom. problem solved. You have a great product but I must tell you had I seen it in the store and picked it up I would have put it down and not even tried it out. For 200 dollars I was ready to return it, but I wanted to try it first and I have to say I was sold on the sound. Great product, just please add the rubber. Thanks
Marcus Jeffers
Seriously, this pedal is awesome! I've never been a big distortion pedal fan, as ive always been happy with my Marshall amp gain channels. Also, I was a little hesitant because of all of the hype but seeing the demos on facebook made me very interested. But you never know how a pedal will react in a live band setting so that made me unsure. Once i got it and plugged it in automatically i was happy. It cleans up so nice and still maintains the levels when playing in a band setting. I seriously am 100% happy with this pedal. Also Masons customer service is top notch. I was surprised. I highly recommend this pedal. For real!
Kevin Epstein
GREAT PEDAL! I bought it as a birthday present for my brother. As soon as he had a chance to take it for a test drive, he was on the phone with me raving over it. He plays a Duusenberg Mike Campbell Starplayer, Don Grosh Tele, Les Paul and Tom Anderson Raven into a Jackson Ampworks Britain 4.0 and a McFly. This pedal works great with all guitars and the amps!. Great design!
Kenny Oxendine
I got the Dynamic Distortion and have managed to NAIL Clapton's Cream era tone with my SG like nothing else on my pedal board. Best distortion box I've ever owned and I've had a few since the early '80's.... Outstanding!!!!!!
Gary Karbowsky
Received the Dynamic Distortion about a week ago and wanted to give it time before saying anything. This pedal works so well in my setup and sounds as good as the demo videos. I use it after my original Roger Mayer Octavia, which itself is finicky in that it always has to be first in the chain of FX. Also most germanium type fuzzes also like to be first, so it was always a trade off for me. The Dynamic Distortion works great after. Thanks again Mason for quality builds! Cheers Cam
Cam MacInnes
I love the new pedal. It is very touch sensitive which is important to me. No matter what you have it set for ( clean, overdrive, or distortion ). You can hear every note that you play which is great live and when using it to add rhythm tracks in particular in the mix. Another cool thing is when I play it through my Bludotone Bob Gore Special model amp which has a bit of hair to begin with, the amp and pedal work great together even when I have the amp pushed into overdrive. I will definitely have one of these on my board ! Great work Mason !
Bob Gore
I like how the pickups are voiced when being sent into the pedal. Sounds amazing great pedal.
Ralph Kinlinger
The DD blew my mind away as soon as I plugged it in! It really sounds like a nice and focused SD9. It's a perfect drive pedal! After the SD9, which I've been using since 5 years, this is the only drive pedal that's got me hooked to it and has made its way on the board. I love it! Thanks Mason!
Kush Upadhyay
First off, Mason is a true gentleman and a friggin' pedal genius. I've used the Vertex Boost for over a year now and I can't imagine how I lived with without it! The Dynamic Distortion is a great pedal too. I loved the fact that the inherent tone of the pedal is very neutral and doesn't abuse any particular frequency. It doesn't have the pervasive tube screamer mid-hump and it doesn't have the fuzzface scoop. The tone knob is very versatile making it sound like a big muff at one end and a rat at the other. The drive control is the only part that threw me for a loop. It's an overdrive and a fuzz, like Mason says, but I'm not a huge fuzz fan and the little bit that's there just threw me off. I love when Hendrix uses it, Johnson uses it, and plenty of other players but it's just not my bag. Regardless, I highly recommend that you check out the Dynamic Distortion.
Ben Cachat
This pedal was worth the wait!! I've been able to downsize my drive section just by adding this baby that's how versatile it is! I love it! Thank you so much Mason!
Alfredo Salmeron
Awesome pedal. When I watched the YouTube videos I could tell this was something I would be interested in. I liked the idea of it being demoed with a variety of guitars and amps and with quite a few different players. I liked how it sounded in the videos and am happy to report that it sounds fantastic with my guitars. I am a basement hobbyist player and it sounds great at house approved volumes. I had a chance to loan it to a fried of mine who plays in the praise/worship band for a local church and had the opportunity to hear it played at volume live last night. It sounded fantastic.....for this he used his Les Paul and plugged into a Vox AC30 and Fender Twin and the combination sounded great. Just like in the YouTube videos he was able to get fantastic clean to distorted tones just with his volume know. I highly recommend it.
John Kaffenberger
I have had many pedals in my years playing guitar, and sometimes happens that I get rid of a pedal or exchange it or sell it and then later on I realize that the pedal I got rid of was the one that had the right sound or the better sound (to be specific I'm talking about one of the original RAT pedals). I have been disappointed with many distortion pedals and stopped buying for a long while........All of a sudden I began to hear about Vertex pedals on Facebook and everything changed, I found a great distortion pedal all over again and I'm not selling it !!!! Respect to the Dynamic Distortion, I hear great sounds and it is a very clean pedal, no extra noise at all. It cleans amazingly and the distortion sound is fabulous. The Dynamic is very versatile and usable, you can have it on all the time. Easy to use and the batteries last a long time. Superior from clean to overdrive to distortion. Serious quality is the word for The Dynamic Distortion. Mason keep up the good work and thank you !!!
Alberto (DubScience) Fernandez
This pedal is the real deal. Everyone has been saying how nice it is to have great fuzz and overdrive in one pedal , sure it's awesome but I love the sweet natural tone it has. That's everything to me.The Versatility and rolling the volume is a bonus!!!
Brett Davis
It's a good pedal. My first live run thru went well and it performed as expected. I am disappointed in the build quality. For the price it feel like a cheap housing and the inputs look like they will fall apart quickly. I think it can have outstanding sounds but it should be better build quality. That said, who knows? It might hold up for decades. But feels a bit flimsy
Like the Boost, a great pedal that delivers as advertised. Going on my pedal board this weekend, it's a keeper
Lew Levy
Finally a real "Hendrix/ SRV" in a box pedal...but so much more. Transparent overdrive with chimney basses and treble for days via the tone knob. Great with single coils and humbuckers. Awesome pedal.
Ryan Putnam
I have used may drives/distortions in the past. This one is very unique. It is very wide dynamic range, full and has amazing clean up considering it is just a pedal. That being said it wasn't quite what I was looking for. I have an AnalogMan Modded Maxon SD 9 that I compared it to. I was hoping that it would be a little more open version of that pedal and it is but not in the way I wanted. I still like the midrange bump and slightly more compression/sustain. I felt it cut a little better in the mix. The DD has a better clean up for sure but not terribly noticeable in a live situation. Thanks to Mason for making a great product. His BOOST is still a staple on my pedalboard. Best sounding boost out there when it comes to flat EQ and volume control.
Greg Maddox
So responsive. The high pass filter tone control is a great idea. Glad it can be used before or after a buffer. Im using it after. I may have to get another one!
Alex Gowland
Lovely tones, cleans up beautifully and even stacked perfectly with my other OD for articulate fuzz tones with a Tele and Princeton clone. Great job Vertex!
Alan Mitnick
Pedal sounds and feels so great to play Mason. Love it!
Evan Greenberg
I just love this pedal! It breathes when you do..its scary! My hat is off to Vertex!
Roger Fortner
I'm thoroughly enjoying the sounds of the new Vertex Effects Dynamic Distortion. Definitely lives up to the hype!
Eddie Haddad
It sounds just like my vintage Marshall even through my Fender Princeton Reverb. It has all the dynamics and touch sensitivity of a tube amp and can do Fuzz, Overdrive, and great cleans just by moving your guitar volume knob.
David Ryan Harris
I love the prescision and enhancement of your guitar and amps natural signal whilst keeping the integrity of what was originally there. If you want a tight well thought of product that sounds and functions excellently in today's competitive market, this is it.
Nick Maybury
I'm impressed! Great Fuzz and overdrive! I rolled back the volume and it went to clear, cool! I liked all the different sounds I could get out of it. The guys at Vertex did a great job on this pedal! Thanks guys!
Leon Lanning
I got my pedal and it's badass. You guys make a great product. Keep up the good work!
Todd Wehrle
Received the pedal opened the box (actually really impressed with the heavy duty plastic bag too). plugged it in, all I can say is absolutely positively unequivocally insanely AWESOME! My guitar never sounded so good. Its like i actually have a vintage Plexi in a little box, and I have a clean jazz sound. The lows are incredible. Mason has a great product here, no doubt about it. Get one while the going is good!
Frank Gramenzi
Man..that thing sounds REAL good..coming from a player starting in the 60s..have a tube king, triple wreck and metal muff..that one reeks of quality...just might need to procure one...great job guys!
Chris Browning
Dynamic Dist. MKI

Dynamic Dist. MKI